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Insatiably curious. Perpetually plugged in. Driven to create.


I Blog, Share, Pin, Tweet, Like, Check-in, and partake in internet adventures for fun. I created this place because my endless digital circles need a way to come together. I’m creating an internet hub where all the things that I’ve done, am doing and want to do can live. 

I have an intense passion for travel, culture, art, and design. I love traveling! I have been to over 18 countries and am always the verge on planning my next trip. I  consider myself a global citizen rather than a citizen of any particular tribe or nation. As such, I feel that I need to be aware and concerned about global issues. I read and write a lot so that I can be a knowledgeable person. I believe knowledge is power but shared knowledge is even more powerful. I am here to share. Are you here to listen?




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One Sentence That Changed My Perspective About My Life Struggles

It was about 3 months ago, I was having dinner at the kitchen table and talking to my buddy, Micah. We were talking about life and how we have been doing. Our roommate Tristan came over from his room and joined our conversation! (Tristan is the coolest person I’ve ever known and he always has a lovely smile on his face, plus is a very easy going person. He’s someone who listens more than they talk. Very smart guy! ) He jumped into the conversation and asked me how is everything is going? At the time, I was very busy with a post-grad program and...

Productivity Hacks – How to Boost Your Productivity

I’m very interested in this topic because I certainly know that productivity is the key milestone to personal development and success. I’ve been working on some strategies for boosting my productivity level over the last 3 years. I’ve seen some TED Talks, read Quora posts and asked a couple of successful business professionals about how to increase productivity. Also, I’ve had very successful mentors in the past who know a lot about productivity. This article is the result of my consolidation of their advice and my own experience. I have,...

One of My Memories in Japan

I was in Osaka and wanted to visit Osaka Science Museum. I was couchsurfing, my host showed me the directions to the museum in the early morning with her drawings on my ‘Japanese city map’. (Unfortunately, I had taken the wrong map from the airport when I arrived in Osaka) I didn’t quite understand the directions but thought I can figure it out anyway. I hit the road early in the morning. I hop on the subway and went to the main subway station as she instructed. I supposed to find the train that goes to the science museum. Yet, I found nothing!...

Wise Advice

My mom’s grandmother was a wise woman! She lived and grew up in a village in northeastern part of Turkey. She had recognized as a philosophical person in the village and she shared her wisdom with her beloved friends and family as much as she could. My mom had visited her one day in the village and what she told her was a life-changing advice that changed the way I look to the human interactions and relationships as well as learning more from people. Her advise was: “Steal something from everyone that you meet. Don’t steal something to pu...

How to optimize a website for particular keywords?

There are several ways to optimize your website. I will talk about the most important twoconcepts here to give you a better understanding. These are the two concepts that can help you to optimize your website for some particular keywords; publishing original articles and adding links intorelated websites. Publishing Original Articles First of all, choose the keywords that you want to work on. Let’s say we chose ‘Wealth Management Canada’. Second, write some ‘original’ articles that are related to your website. For instance, ‘Wealth management i...

Just Go For It

I recently attended a conference at U of T. There were five outstanding speakers who are business professionals who work for different organizations. The one I liked the most was the guy who works for himself, an entrepreneur, an adventurer, a futurist. He talked about the opportunities that present themselves during our life and how important it is to use these opportunities at the right time and the right place. At some point in the talk, when talking about opportunities he pulled out a $100 bill and asked the audience “who wants this?” Almos...

5 beaches that you must visit before you die

1) Estoril Praia do Tamariz – Portugal I visited this place in 2014. It was a breathtaking experience to swim nearby a castle. Once you jump into the sea, you feel the freezing cold of the water because you basically swimming in the Atlantic Ocean.  🙂 Image Source 2) Barceloneta Beach – Spain I visited this place in 2013. The finest beach of Barcelona is known for its sand. Beautiful beach and promenade makes this a lovely place to sit and watch the world go by, you can walk for miles along this people friendly promenade there are p...

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