There are several ways to optimize your website. I will talk about the most important twoconcepts here to give you a better understanding. These are the two concepts that can help you to optimize your website for some particular keywords; publishing original articles and adding links intorelated websites.

Publishing Original Articles

First of all, choose the keywords that you want to work on. Let’s say we chose ‘Wealth Management Canada’.

Second, write some ‘original’ articles that are related to your website. For instance, ‘Wealth management in Canada’

Third, edit your permalinks according to your article’s title! For ex: -in-canada

The fourth step would be optimizing your Title, Description and Keywords according to your article. See the ex below:

Title: Wealth Management in Canada

No more than 60 characters, but I would say don’t exceed 50 characters

Description: The detailed analysis of wealth management in Canada. Our private wealth managers identify all the investment opportunities for you.

Your description has to be less than 160 characters. This one contains 142 characters.

Keywords: wealth management Canada, wealth management, private wealth managers, investment opportunities, the best investment managers, the best private wealth managers in Canada, investment managers

Don’t use the same keywords for all the posts you posted. It’s vital to use different keywords in different posts. This allows the content to flow naturally. The search engines are smart enough today to understand the overall concept of your website. Google’s algorithm can easily understand the synonym of the words that you put into keywords that’s why don’t add any keywords that are synonyms. For example; car dealer and auto dealer are the same keywords. Don’t add both of them. Only one of them.

Adding Links in Related Websites

It is essential to add some links to related websites. You may find some interesting posts related to your website and make a comment with adding your links under the post.

For example: Writing an article about wealth management in and adding your hyperlinks in the article. “Wealth Management Canada is your number one source for finding a wealth manager in Canada.”

After adding your links to the words that are related to your website. Google’s algorithms will index your website and increase the credibility of your website. By doing that, you can maximize your organic search results.





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