I recently attended a conference at U of T. There were five outstanding speakers who are business professionals who work for different organizations. The one I liked the most was the guy who works for himself, an entrepreneur, an adventurer, a futurist. He talked about the opportunities that present themselves during our life and how important it is to use these opportunities at the right time and the right place. At some point in the talk, when talking about opportunities he pulled out a $100 bill and asked the audience “who wants this?”

Almost everyone raised their hands, some starting shouting “me, me, me.” However, there were 3 people in the audience of 300 that got out of their spots and ran to the stage to grab the bill. The guy who grabbed it first got the $100.

The speaker concluded, “It’s not important how bad you want something; it is important that you go for it.”

Do Not Wait For Anything, Seize Opportunities and Just Go For It.


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