I was in Osaka and wanted to visit Osaka Science Museum. I was couchsurfing, my host showed me the directions to the museum in the early morning with her drawings on my ‘Japanese city map’. (Unfortunately, I had taken the wrong map from the airport when I arrived in Osaka) I didn’t quite understand the directions but thought I can figure it out anyway.

I hit the road early in the morning. I hop on the subway and went to the main subway station as she instructed. I supposed to find the train that goes to the science museum. Yet, I found nothing! I wanted to ask someone but people were all running around in the station. I even couldn’t stop anyone! I was desperately looking around to find someone to ask where the hell is this museum!


Source: Google Images

After 10 minutes of struggle, I finally got to see an old lady standing by the wall. I literally ran there before she disappears into the crowd. I asked her how can I go to this museum. She gave me a very weird look and started saying something in Japanese. I understand that she doesn’t speak a word of English. I ended up explaining myself with using my lousy body language. I opened my huge handy Japanese map and showed her the pinned place that I’d like to go. She seemed like she got me this time.

She holds my hand and we started going outside of the subway station. I was like NO, NO, we shouldn’t go outside. We should take the train near the subway. I tried to explain her but she was so determined to take me out of that place. We passed by the bus station and I showed her the busses so maybe we can take a bus. She nodded her head with disagreement and still walk me outside of that place!

After a minute of walking, I saw cabs near the main road. I understand she is taking me there. I knew that cabs are super expensive in Japan and I’d be broke if I get on that cab! I told her I don’t want to take a cab but nothing stopped this determined lady from taking me to that museum. She held my arm again and gently invited me in. She let me get on first and then she hopped on and we started heading to the museum. On the way, I was trying to enjoy my ‘luxury cab ride’ with this old lady! After 15 minutes of the ride, we finally got to the place! I asked how much should I pay. Lady nodded her head with disagreement and told me “thank you” and gave me a big smile while she is opening the door for me to get off. I was shocked! I told her at least let’s split it! She gave me the biggest smile again and they drive off. I was in shock and couldn’t move my body for some time!

I did understand that there are very friendly and thoughtful people living in Japan!


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