It was about 3 months ago, I was having dinner at the kitchen table and talking to my buddy, Micah. We were talking about life and how we have been doing.

Our roommate Tristan came over from his room and joined our conversation!

(Tristan is the coolest person I’ve ever known and he always has a lovely smile on his face, plus is a very easy going person. He’s someone who listens more than they talk. Very smart guy! )

He jumped into the conversation and asked me how is everything is going? At the time, I was very busy with a post-grad program and I was working a lot for multiple companies. I told him all my struggles and I complained about the school system and how frustrated I was with this hectic lifestyle!

He looked me in the eyes and quoted from George S. Patton Jr. and it totally changed my perspective about my life struggles.

“Pressure makes diamonds, Ahmet!”


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