yasli teyze

My mom’s grandmother was a wise woman! She lived and grew up in a village in northeastern part of Turkey.

She had recognized as a philosophical person in the village and she shared her wisdom with her beloved friends and family as much as she could.

My mom had visited her one day in the village and what she told her was a life-changing advice that changed the way I look to the human interactions and relationships as well as learning more from people.

Her advise was:

“Steal something from everyone that you meet. Don’t steal something to put it to your pocket! Steal something to put into your mind.”

This has helped me to learn more from people! I usually ask people these questions in the middle of conversation:

“Tell me something that I don’t know”

“What’s the one subject you are more confident to talk about?”

“What’s your expertise? Can you tell me something interesting about what you do?”

These questions are designed to let other people to talk about what they know and share their knowledge with you.

I hope this advice can help you to learn more from people and expand your mind towards endless knowledge.



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